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Barrett Nonni & Homola focuses on Personal Injury Litigation in Tallahassee ranging from Auto Accidents to Hurricane Damage Claims and more!

Auto Accidents

Over time, vehicles have become much safer, but unfortunately, driver behavior has become much worse. Don’t let the reckless behavior of another go unpunished. Learn more about how we can help.

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall litigation falls under premises liability law where property owners or leasers have a legal obligation to keep visitors safe while on the property.  Click below to learn more about these types of cases.

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is always a tragic and painful experience. Making that experience doubly painful and tragic is when it happens due to the negligence or recklessness of others. Find out more about Wrongful Death cases by clicking below.

Defective Products

The free market can be a wonderful mechanism for consumers and business owners alike. Companies build products to fill consumer needs, and consumers happily pay for them. However, when products fail, the consumer suffers. Click below to learn more.

Hurricane & Storm Damage Claims

Natural disasters are one of many unpredictable occurrences that can ravage a business and rob business owners of their livelihood. In Florida, hurricanes are the number one culprit. Don’t let insurance companies hassle you. Learn how we can help.

Business Interruption Claims

Concurrent with damage from natural disasters is the interruption of business due to natural disasters. Specifically, hurricanes cause business to temporarily or permanently shut its doors. Let us help you file your claim in Tallahassee and recoup your losses.

Dog Attacks

Dogs can be man’s best friend, but they can also become an enemy. Dog owners are subject to a number of laws and regulations that ensure the safety of innocent bystanders. Learn more about those regulations and how we can help you.

Trucking Accidents

A scary fact about the state of our road ways is the inclusion of 18 wheelers in the increased recklessness of drivers. These massive machines can destroy lives in the blink of an eye. Come talk to a Tallahassee law firm who’s familiar with these cases.

Motorcycle Accidents

Great weather in Florida brings out all: including bikers. The sunshine state is a top destination for those looking for the freedom of riding a bike, but it also can increase the likelihood that bikers are involved in accidents because they are the most overlooked.

Commercial Construction Defect

We all rely on proper commercial construction, but at times, we find that those facilities fail our expectations. This can be a dangerous factor in the integrity of buildings.Contact Barrett Nonni & Homola, Tallahassee commercial construction defect claim attorneys. We will help you recover from your damaged property.

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