Hurricane & Storm Damage

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and tornados can be prepared for but not prevented. If you have natural disaster damage insurance and need to file a claim, contact Barrett Nonni & Homola, Tallahassee natural disaster claim attorneys. We will help you recover from your damaged property.

Tallahassee Hurricane & Storm Damage Claim Attorneys

The devastation to homes and businesses caused the high winds and storm surge brought by hurricanes and tropical storms can be financially crippling.  Luckily, homeowners and business insurance usually cover property damage losses caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. However, making an insurance claim for property damage after a severe storm can be both time consuming and confusion.  Further, insurance companies and their adjusters are highly-trained in making sure the insurer pays the absolute minimum on these claims. Naturally, disputes between home and business owners and insurance companies are common with property damage claims. The following are some issues encountered by home and business owners in Tallahassee when dealing with their insurance companies during a property damage claim:

  • Denial of the claim for an uncovered event
  • Undervaluing claimed losses
  • Partially denying claims that should be fully covered
  • Delaying by asking for additional unnecessary paperwork or evidence
  • Not returning calls or emails
  • Requiring the homeowner or business owner to jump through unnecessary hoops to stall the claims process
  • Offering settlements contingent on signing a “full” release when there should be supplemental payments

How We Help You File Natural Disaster Damage Claims

The attorneys at Barrett Nonni & Homola are experienced in handling property damage claims against insurance companies when homes and businesses are affected by storms in Tallahassee. Moreover, our hurricane damage lawyers do not get paid for these claims unless they are successful in obtaining you benefits. Florida law allows for attorney fees to be recovered from the insurance company when an attorney is successful in obtaining property damage compensation from a homeowner’s or business owner’s insurance company. The Florida law allowing for recovery of attorney fees can be found here.

Natural Disaster Claim Legal Process


Contact us immediately: call, email, fill out a contact form or visit us


Tell us about your damaged property and the surrounding circumstances


Schedule a free, in-person consultation


Give us time to build the case: collect evidence, interview witnesses, review police reports


Partner with us to bring justice to your situation

If You Experience Natural Disaster Damage in Tallahassee…

Document everything! Once you are out of harms way, and the storm has ended, take pictures of all the damaged or effected areas of your property. Call us right away, so we can begin your free consultation and start filing a claim. The insurance claim process can be long and painful, so the sooner you start that process, the better. If you find that your insurance company is delaying or denying your property damage claim, call the attorneys at Barrett Nonni & Homola in Tallahassee at 850-601-1111 and they will fight the insurance company for you. 

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