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Property owners must take special care to keep visitors safe while on their property. When they do not comply with this standard, people get hurt. Contact Barrett Nonni & Homola, Tallahassee slip and fall attorneys, to help you recover from your accident.

Tallahassee Slip and Fall Attorneys

When you are invited on and enter someone else’s property, the owner or lessee of that property owes you certain duties to keep the property in a safe condition or at least warn about dangerous conditions that could foreseeably cause harm or injury.  Serious injuries can result when dangerous conditions are left unguarded or no warning is given about their existence. The examples of dangerous conditions on a property are endless, but some of the more common examples seen by the Tallahassee attorneys at Barrett Nonni & Homola include: sudden change of elevation, trip hazards in a poorly lit room, leaking water causing a slick walking surface, and building code violations resulting in unreasonably dangerous areas.  

How We Help Slip and Fall Victims

Slip/trip and fall injuries can be among some of the most difficult cases to prove because the laws regarding proving these cases are stacked in favor of property owners.  However, the attorneys at Barrett Nonni & Homola have extensive experience handling premises liability cases in both Florida and Georgia and know exactly what steps need to be followed to achieve favorable results for their clients in slip and fall and trip and fall cases.

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If You Are Injured on Someone’s Property…

If you are injured on someone else’s property take pictures of the area where the injury occurred, if possible.

Many times, the dangerous condition will be remedied as soon as possible after the injury but getting photos of the dangerous condition and the area where it occurred can go a long way in proving your case against the property owner.  If the injury occurs on the property of a business always seek out an employee, preferably a manger, fill out an incident report and ask for a copy of the report after it is filled out. If there are any witnesses to the injury try to get their contact information, so they can be contacted if you need a statement from them in the future.

Lastly, seek out medical treatment as soon as possible after the injury and make sure to explain how the incident occurred in detail and your injury symptoms as clearly as possible to your treating physician.

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