Trucking Accidents

Our current state of shipping and logistics in the US has created a perfect storm of fatigued and distracted driving. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling cases of injury from trucking accident. Contact Barrett Nonni & Homola, Tallahassee trucking accident attorneys, to fight for you.

Tallahassee Trucking Accident Attorneys

Despite the recent technological advances that have been made in logistics and freight transport, over the road transportation of goods continues to be a popular means of transportation in the United States. Unfortunately, tight time schedules and high pressure on drivers to meet delivery deadlines has created an environment in which fatigued or distracted driving is all too common and where trucking collisions occur far too often. Making matters worse, due to the massive size and weight of tractor-trailers, trucking collisions often cause devastating injuries. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling trucking collisions in Tallahassee resulting in catastrophic injuries.   

How We Help Trucking Accident Victims

The attorneys at Barrett Nonni and Homola do not make the mistake of handling trucking collisions like any other vehicle injury case. Our truck accident attorneys are well versed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and Commercial Driver License requirements in both Florida and Georgia.  This knowledge gives our attorneys an edge when investigating trucking accidents and allows them to pursue angles in these cases that others may miss. Additionally, Barrett Nonni and Homola has a team of experts on standby to immediately investigate trucking accidents in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. These trucking crash experts will rival the experience and expertise of any team hired by trucking or insurance companies so that your interests are protected.

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What to do if You Are Involved in a Trucking Accident…

The moment you are involved in a trucking accident the clock starts ticking on securing invaluable evidence regarding what caused the collision.  Due to the often-serious nature of these collisions, trucking companies and their insurers have teams of high-paid experts who will be deployed to the scene of the collision to immediately investigate the cause of the collision.  An accident reconstruction expert can visit the scene, take photos of the vehicles involved, measure skid marks on the road, and, most importantly, download information from the vehicles to help determine who is at fault in causing the collision.  You do not want to be left in a situation where the trucking company has had the chance to investigate the scene and you have not.

The trucking accident attorneys at Barrett Nonni and Homola have handled several trucking injury claims resulting in multi-million-dollar recoveries.  If you have been the victim of a negligent trucker, call the trucking accident attorneys at Barrett Nonni and Homola today.

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