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Our top priority is your top priority. By that we mean, we’re here for you! As your attorneys, we represent your interests.

Part of being a great attorney is always remembering that we are servants: servants of the law, servants of the court and servants of our clients.

Let us show you what real representation looks like from a team of top legal experts located right here in Tallahassee.

Our Practice


Auto Accidents

An auto accident resulting in devastating damage and personal injury can be depleting. Let us help!

Business Interruption

When a catastrophic event happens, business can be interrupted. Let us help with your claim!

Commercial Construction Defect

Defects in commercial construction can be costly. We will help you recover from your damaged property.

Defective Products

Products intended for the market should never cause harm, but if they do, you’re entitled to compensation. 
Contact us today for help!

Dog Attack Injury

Dog attacks are all too common today. You’re entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact us today for help!

Hurricane & Storm Damage

Hurricanes and storms are a common occurrence and damage resulting from them are equally as common. Let us file your claim today!

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists may get overlooked by most drivers on the road, but at Barrett Nonni & Homola, you have our undivided attention.  


Slip/Trip & Fall

Property owners and businesses must maintain safe premises. Think you’re entitled to compensation? Make sure by calling us!

Trucking Accidents

With the heavy increase in shipping and logistics business in the US comes an increase in trucking accidents often resulting in serious injury. Call us for help today!

Wrongful Death

Death is always a tragic event: especially as a result of someone’s negligence. Make sure you know your rights and are properly represented.

Why Choose Us

Honest, Expert Lawyers

Combined, the Tallahassee legal team at Barrett Nonni & Homola have over half a century of legal expertise. We always conduct business with our clients  using the utmost propriety and maintain an honest disposition in all legal proceedings.

Modern Legal Care

When we say we’re bringing a fresh approach, we mean a modern vision for what legal care should be in the 21st century. We look at legal design as something to be exercised daily.

Multi-Million Dollar Lawyers

Combined, we’ve prosecuted and won thousands of cases, and a number of those cases settled for millions of dollars in damages placing us in the Multi-Million Dollar Lawyers Club!

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